Friday, August 11, 2006

Welcome to the Primary Day blog

This is a special, one-time only blog that has all our Primary Day coverage, listed in chronological order.

I've included several posts from the day before and the day after the Primary to sort of set the table.

So, here's the blog. The comments are turned off, and the original ones weren't transferred, so you'll have to check right here on the "Connecticut Bob" archives for Primary week to read the many wonderful comments people made during the course of the day. Keep in mind that the posts are listed in REVERSE order, which is newest to oldest. So read this page first, then go over and check out the comments if you want.

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Live blogging from Lamont HQ

(Posted the night before the primary)

Tomorrow we'll be live blogging on Connecticut Bob from the Sheraton hotel blogger's war-room, right across from Lamont Campaign Headquarters from about lunchtime on.

Kirby (from FDL) and I will provide frequent updates, photos, and (hopefully) quick video clips online throughout the day. This is all experimental in nature, and we hope you'll be patient if things don't go smoothly.

But if our luck continues, we'll have you along for the entire adventure.

"Buy the ticket, take the ride."
- Hunter S. Thompson

It's the Big Day!


This is it. No more prep. August 8th is finally here.

6:30 - I just woke up, then turned on the TV. Channel 8 in New Haven was in the middle of a report from a voting place. They said that at least six voters were turned away because they weren't on the voter lists. Apparently they were previously unaffiliated voters and their change to the Democratic party wasn't processed properly.

My immediate impression is that this was a paperwork problem and not anything sinister, but I'll monitor the situation.

I'll be going to vote around 8:00AM, and then do some exit polling. I should have some results up around 9AM.

I don't think I need any coffee this morning.

First exit polling results

I just got back from the Westshore polling place in Milford, where I conducted about 40 minutes of exit polling.

I surveyed a total of 27 people. Out of that, 6 refused to answer both questions, and 5 refused to answer the Senatorial question.

Observations: The people who refused comment tended to be grumpy middle-aged white males. A female Republican said she'll vote for Lamont in November. The guy driving the Red Porsche was a Lamont fan. One lady with an accent voted for Lamont, and NO for governor. An unaffiliated voter was for Lamont in November. The Milford Democratic Town Committee voted roughly 3-1 in favor of Lieberman at the convention, so I knew this would be close here today.

Here's my results:

Lieberman - 10 votes
Lamont - 13 votes (including me, my wife, my dad, and the guy holding the "Lamont" sign outside)

These numbers indicate a dead heat, at least here in Milford.

For Governor, we have these numbers:

DeStefano - 10 votes
Malloy - 11 votes

Based on these results, I can safely predict that both races will be close.

(Yeah, I'm really going out on a limb there!)

More later this morning. I'm off to Hamden shortly, to do some more exit polling.

I'm at the Meriden HQ

1:00 - I just got into Meriden. Kirby and her hubby Bob will be here shortly. I'm set up in Blogger's Central at the Sheraton, and I'll have video uploaded within the hour.

Hamden exit polling numbers will be up will be up in 15 minutes.

Exit Polling in Hamden

1:15 Gabe Rosenberg (from Connecticut Local Politics) assisted me with a bit of exit polling in Hamden, which is on my way to Meriden.

Gabe outside the polls. It was warming up, but a nice breeze was keeping it from being too hot.

Me taking info from a Lamont voter. Generally, the people were snootier in Hamden than Milford, but I expect that's because there was a lady annoyingly handing out tax flyers before I was able to ask the questions.

Donna Frandy and Lorraine Lupi. Donna was supporting the Malloy campaign.

The numbers are looking promising. We asked a total of 57 voters who they voted for, with 23 not responding (snoots).

Results were as follows:

Lamont 22
Lieberman 13

For gubner:

DeStefano 10
Malloy 24

CT Keith and Tim Tagaris at Lamont HQ

Approx. 12:30PM in the Lamont HQ parking lot. Fun stuff!

Tim has a big finish with the KISS buttons!

"Bloggers For Joe"

Joe Lieberman is squawking like a wounded duck about how the "awful bloggers have hacked my precious website!"

In the spirit of helpfulness and fairplay, I'd like to put out a call to all fair-minded bloggers out there to help Joe put his website back together. Lets get together and help Joe fix his website.

C'mon, everyone sing, "We Are The World!"

And I guess he's spent his $10 million, because they turned off his website yesterday for lack of payment.

From the Lamont Blogger War Room

2:21pm local time from Kirby from FDL
Hello all from the Blogger War Room at Lamont Hotel HQ. The HQ office is across the street, and here in the hotel, we are across the hall from the press room and down the hall from the ballroom where the hotel says the “reception” will be this evening .

Spirits are high and staffers and volunteers are unfailingly polite and not at all decompensating despite the stress and the accusations flying in from the other side.

Jane’s here, along with CTKeith, a reporter from HuffPo, BBC, and laughter abounds.

Maura just called in and reports that in the home precinct of Dan Malloy, one of the gubernatorial candidates, in Stamford, turnout at 1:45p is 31%, and at the Rogers School in Stamford, where turnout is traditionally very low, it was at 18% and poll workers were delighted. Here in my home district in Meriden, 111 of 419 had voted as of 1:15pm, or 26%, which was amazing – they had already run out of “I voted today” stickers.

Pull the lever for Ned!

2:30pm local time from Kirby from FDL
This is what it’s all about folks – pulling the lever today for Lamont. Colin McEnroe will be broadcasting live – you can listen to Web stream at – here’s his blog post with more info RIGHT HERE

Turnout news from Maura

3:30p local time from Kirby from FDL

More turnout news from Maura ---
Stamford Turn of the River precinct 41% at 2:50pm
Stamford is home district of Mayor Dan Malloy, running for governor and Liberman’s “home town” as well, so large turnout there is not necessarily good for Lamont.

Just on WTIC, where Colin McEnroe is broadcasting, Secy of State said she initially thought about 40%, now she is revising that upward to 50-55% which is historic. Amazing.

More photos to come -- Blogger is going very slowly.

Bob reports from HQ at 3:20 PM

Turnout update!

3:30p local time from Kirby from FDL

More turnout news from Maura ---
Stamford Turn of the River precinct 41% at 2:50pm
Stamford is home district of Mayor Dan Malloy, running for governor and Liberman’s “home town” as well, so large turnout there is not necessarily good for Lamont.

Just on WTIC, where Colin McEnroe is broadcasting, Secy of State said she initially thought about 40%, now she is revising that upward to 50-55% which is historic. Amazing.

Photo courtesy Lorenzo Sue

Blog HQ

4:20p local time from Kirby from FDL
Here's George Jepsen, Lamont supporter and former state D chair talking with us here in the blogger room. Jane's got a great quote from him at FDL.
The latest -- Gerstein was just on Colin McEnroe's show, claiming this attack (so-called DoS at the Lieb sites) is hugely affecting their ability and that they will deal with this through the proper authorities.

I was streaming Colin's show, and everyone was dead silent in here during the Gerstein interview. I am betting that sound bite will be up as an MP3 within the hour at Tim Tagaris, the Lamont i-net expert is talking with geeks here to go on Colin's show to refute these baseless charges. Imagine what those internal Lieberman polls are saying for them to stoop this low!

More as it happens. Come along for the ride!


4:30p local time from Kirby from FDL

CT Sec'y of State turnout numbers
Bolton (rural) East noon 32%
New Britain (urban) Central 3p 23%
Tolland (rural) East 3p 26%
Bridgeport (urban) South 23% 3p
East Hartford (suburban) 30% 2p
Bristol (suburban) North-central 30% 2p

What will they accuse us of next?

4:40 - "In West Haven, today a tractor-trailer overturned on Interstate 95, blocking traffic for 8 hours. The wreckage was cleared and the road finally reopened by 3:00PM."

"Lieberman campaign manager Sean Smith immediately called a press conference to suggest that staffers and bloggers from the Lamont campaign were responsible for the wreck, which prevented thousands of voters from getting to the polls and interfered with the Lieberman last-minute "get out the vote" efforts."

In other campaign news, FDL blogger Jane Hamsher is joined by the world-famous T-Rex in the Blogger's war room moments ago. CNN is on the TV, and finally they're mentioning the fact that most of the Internet is laughing at the fact that Joe's website is STILL down nearly 24 hours later, and they implied that there might be a political reason for the continued outage.

May I just say, "Duh"?

Here's the amazing Wishing Well from the last Lamont commercial produced before the primary. Bill Hillsman has done a wonderful job for the campaign. More later...

How About Millionare Senator?

4:40p local time from Kirby from FDL

Hey CNN! How about describing the incumbent as "Millionare Senator Joe Lieberman"?
Wondering if the local reporters who drew the Lieberman straw for coverage tonight are as sad as we feel for them?

Tim Done Good!

5:00p local time from Kirby from FDL

Tim, in 2 minutes, easily explained the geeky issues relating to the false allegations that someone affiliated with the Lamont campaign somehow hacked them today -- video/audio coming momentarily.

Link to Tim Tagaris Interview re: Lieberman Web site

5:30p local time from Kirby from FDL

Here's the stream of the Colin McEnroe interview with Tim Tagaris

Not Us

5:20p local time from Kirby from FDL

Just remember, we had absolutely nothing to do with the Lieberman site today --- we've been here reporting. CT Bob reports 2000 hits an hour -- thanks! More to come.

The Day So Far

5:30p local time from Kirby from FDL

CT Bob is sitting next to me editing audio and video for you. The headline so far is TURNOUT!
Clearly, a historic, record-smashing day -- so much for the "lack of interest" in an August primary. Many places are looking at close to November numbers. Unbelieveable!

Local news are set up for live shots now that the 5pm news block has started. We can only watch one channel at a time here -- at home, I at least have picture in picuture and a quick-draw remote! So, while we are in the heart of the beast here, we don't know much about external over-air media.

There are 275 credentialed media, whom we don't expect to see much of till about 7 -- polls close at 8.

Bob will be out shortly doing interviews, and I'll see if I can get some scene-setting shots for you.
This is definitely the calm before the storm --

Video of Tim on the radio re: allegations

5:40 - Tim Tagaris on the radio, videotaped live from the Blogger's War Room, about 40 seconds worth.

Countdown to destiny

6:08PM - Less than 2 hours to go. Maura from Stamford has been calling in with reports (see previous posts) and all around the state the turnout continues to be astounding.

Lamont Campaign Director Tom Swan gives me a thumbs-up in the hallway outside the War Room. I have to check, but I think the Fab 5 from "Queer Eye" might even pass on the challenge of remaking Swannie.

Lamont Communications Coordinator Liz DuPont-Diehl on the media stand with one of the reporters from the local news.

Can ya FEEL the excitement in the air? I have a feeling one way or another, the open bar in the blogger's War Room will get demolished.

Tune in later

6:09pm local time from Kirby from FDL

A source has let us know that there is no exit polling here -- but we should have good access to the results as soon as the polls close -- either with the numbers here, or a link. Polls close in less than 2 hours -- and time is flying here.

Lots of photos and video to share -- when we can edit and post.

More Lieberman accusations

More fantastical graphical goodness from Paul Molloy.

Setting the Scene

7:01p local time from Kirby from FDL

This is going to be the longest hour of our lives here waiting. We are incredibly busy waiting and doing nothing. Anne Lamont just checked in and said, "It's been a wild day and it's going to get wilder." We couldn't agree more.

Just talked to Colin McEnroe, and he thinks the Malloy campaign (endorsed D - governor) will know their race by 8:30.

Check back at about 8:01 for news on results here.

More Behind The Scenes

This pretty much explains the MSM coverage of today screwing up the accusations from Lieberman campaign's accusations.

Blogger has slowed down

7:25 - Our internet access has been getting overwhelmed by media lately, and I can't get Blogger to upload photos right now. I'm going to keep on working on it, and hopefully I'll be able to post them soon.

The electronic voting system will report the results quickly, and a press coordinator just told us that we will probably have results as early as 8:30PM. We'll keep you posted. Look for frequent updates.

Incognito at 7:49PM

It's gonna be quick

7:30p local time from Kirby from FDL

Stay tuned and don't move -- word is we will have results by 8:30 and know the winner. We have no exit polling that we are holding back, but we DO know about the vote reporting to here, and it will be quick.

Ned will make a short speech, meet with supporters and that's it as far as we know.

Jessie Jackson is in the room right now -- Mr. Kirby escorted him in. Bob is shooting video -- will be up shortly.

Here's media row lined up for the 6 o'clock live shots -- it is nuts here

We are having trouble getting photos up here -- will keep posting and try to fix that. Jessie Jackson will be on with Colin on his livestream at once he finishes giving his interview here.

Media Row

Media Row -- at 6:00pm!

Jessie Jackson "Where the Truth Is"

Mr. Kirby saw Jessie Jackson in the hall and invited him in here, to blog central -- the Rev. Jackson said "Bloggers -- that's where the truth is."

We are scrambling -- doing the best we can right now. Have to put up with the overloaded TOOBZ Hang in there with us

Counting down...

We are going to hold on photos here for a while -- once the polls close we want to post ASAP and photos will slow us down. Here are two to hold you over. Remember this when you see live tonight.

The Ned View

This is Ned's view -- I took this at 6pm -- remember it later.

This is Kirby here -- I'm doing most of the blogging while Bob is out in the real world here at the hotel. All mistakes are mine and all the good stuff should be credited to CT Bob. Stay tuned. 2 minutes to go

No word yet...but here's SPAZEBOY! 8:08PM

No word yet...but here's SPAZEBOY! 8:08PM

Tim's send off

Still waiting for the results system here to come up. Bob just got Tim Tagaris on video == "We don't know anything yet, but now that the polls are closed, I have to say thank you -- and he was drowned out by applause and "Win! Win! Win!"

We are not geting results here yet -- probably a technical glitch getting it to us -- results on TV reporting 1% 57-43 Lamont.

Early Results

Best place to track results right now is

We don't have any extra info at this time.

This is the site we're watching along with the other blog brain trust here.

Busy, no time for anything but collecting info now.


Early report on machine vote in Danbury -- Lamont by 15 votes. Still working on confirming the number


We just got work that Lieberman lost his home precinct!

Lamont Campaign numbers at 8:56pm

154 precincts in
36,000 Lamont
29,000 Lieberman

More votes

189 precincts

Lamont 43,000
Lieberman 39,000

Still don't have demographics yet

Secy of state is totally crashed from the traffic --- WTNH not doing much better. Now that we are getting numbers here, we will probably be close to on time here.


Total Precincts 743


47K Lamont
39K Lieberman

49K - 42K

49K Lamont
42K Lieberman

about 30%

Latest numbers


60K Lamont
50K Lieberman

No photos for a while

9:26PM - Things are heating up here. The numbers are looking promising; we're all very tense, but seriously excited. We're starting to feel it. The ballroom is getting crowded with people milling around, rumors flying and speculation is rampant.

This is it!

Local News

Correction -- Lieberman won the district in which he grew up in Stamford -- no report on his New Haven residence district

Forget what we said earlier about this being quick -- all great plans of mice and men....

52% DeStefano
48% Malloy governor

Present here (not in the room, though): Maxine Waters, Jessie Jackson, Lowell Weicker

Ned is upstairs in the house

54000 Lamont
46000 Lieberman


38% of precincts

Lamont 54000
Lieberman 46000

CT Blogger and CT Bob in the house!

45% of the precincts

Lamont 76,000
Lieberman 66,000

with 45%

Secy of state says their Web site is down because of way too much traffic

Most of absentee ballots are in and being counted now.

Kevin Rennie, Hartford Courant columnist reporting that Rs are waiting by the phones to endorse Joe and step on a Lamont win story --- take that for what it's worth.


Here's Kirby as your humble scribe with one of the good guys of the MSM -- Jeff Kurz here in Meriden with the Meriden Record-Journal. He brought by Jennifer Manes who was at the massacre at Ted's. I, kirby, am incognito

Looking Good

While things are not for sure now, latest numbers here at the hotel
80% in
Lamont 117000
Lieberman 103000

Rev. Jesse Jackson talks to the bloggers

9:50PM - Moments before the polls closed, the Rev. Jesse Jackson stopped by the blogger's War Room to thank us for our work, and spoke for 10 minutes on the importance of this election.

It's times like this that makes me proud to be associated with the wonderful people who support Ned Lamont.

Lead Continues

With 542/743 precincts

Lamont 117,678
Lieberman 110,339

We are way ahead of WTIC's live stream on the results

"Fox News Lies"

I increased the posts on this page

10:00 - It was set at 20 posts, but I just increased it to 100. Which means the page may take longer to load, but you'll see all the posts from today without having to visit the archive.

We're getting psyched for a possible big announcement. I'm going into the ballroom right now; Kirby will continue posting.

Getting Close

I just got the word that Ned is expected at the podium "within the hour" it is looking very good here. Lots of scuttlebut about how Lieberman will handle the concession and try to step on the Ned story tomorrow by doing something regarding his Indy campaign tonight.

If you can bear, Alan Colmes is live on FNC from our ballroom. The mood is upbeat and somewhat relieved. I can't help but think of that classic movie The Candidate when Robert Redford won, hid in the bathroom and said "What the hell do we do now?"

If I had to guess, Lieberman, if he concedes will want the straight up at 11pm, with Ned to follow.

Drudge at 10:10PM EDT

Blogger room on overload

This room is packed -- so much for the rules and calling this a work room for bloggers. CT Bob and I are actually working, screaming at Blogger to load more quickly. It's so loud, we really can't hear much except the person next to you...we are praying the hotel WiFi doesn't crash, but so far so good. MSM just put out a call to interview bloggers.

While it is feeling increasingly celebratory, the ballroom is packed, so I will stay here and live blog -- watching on TV like the rest of you!

The Last Waiting Game

Well, the numbers haven't changed here officially on the tote board, but word is leaking out, not for attribution, that considering what's in and from which precincts, we.won.


Reports coming in to the blog room are that Lamont won almost every precinct in Hartford -- if this is true, that's the ball game. Hard to get anything for attribution, but these are folks we have been working with all day.

Don't feel sorry for us

One blogger delivered a styrofoam container of 24 iced Amstels, so we are surviving. Here is where we are in relation to the bar here -- before it got dark....the white skirt on the right is the bar, and we are behind the glass door off the little courtyard.

Tim's Take

"We still have a ways to go" Tim Tagaris 10:40pm

We are seriously in a holding pattern now -- supposition is that Lieberman not conceding. No new numbers, and people are starting to get annoyed. The D office holders are all in Hartford -- we have the people power here.

We still can't get a sense of the outside media here -- we really are isolated in a small room. We can't find Drudge's source for declaring Lamont the winner.

133 000 Lamont
125 000 Lieberman
with 92% of precincts

We are also getting word that we may be crashing the blogosphere -- hopefully we'll be able to stay on!


This one's for you, Helmecki.

We. Won.

It's official from WFSB -- Ned has won. We just got the 20-minute warning for Ned's appearance.

More on the race

No concession call from Lieberman -- he is expected to announce his Independent campaign kickoff at his hotel in Hartford -- when? we do not know.

Lieberman Speaks

We are watching Lieberman at the podium now

Your support has sustained my family... made it a much closer race than pundits predicting...on the way down the street, I called Ned Lamont and congratulated him (wild screams and applause here)

As I see it, in this campaign, we just finished the first half, but in the second half, our team, "Team Connecticut" will surge ahead to victory"

Of course disappointed by the result....disappointed not just because I lost but because of the partisan polarization

We will not let this result stand...

I expecrt my opponent will continue to do in the general what he has done in the primary (bloggers say KICK YOUR ASS!) Same old partisan politics that have paralyzed Congress today. I want to provide solutions, not point fingers

I want to make my country a better place to live and work, and with your help I will...a lot of people in this state, not just Ds are angry at the direction in which this country is moving with petty partisanship and bickering in Washington.

...I am fed up too. My friends, in Wash these days, every compromise is surrender...
it's time for our elected leaders to stop playing political games to get things done for the people who are good enough to send us to Washington to serve them.

Thursday, August 10, 2006

More Joe

....a sense of unity and purpose. If the people of CT are good enough to send me back to Washington as an independent democrat, I will contiunue to fight for our national security...I never hesitate to work with members of the other party.

I will always do what I believe is right for the country

[note -- no elected Ds are visible on the podium with Joe to announce his "new campaign" -- very telling]

And let me say to the people outside of CT -- if you're tired of the nasty politics, go to my web site ... and join our fight. Don't hesitate to send a campaign contribution.

It's promises of opportunity and equality of purpose, we can work together....not partisanship is what we need....with God's help -- join me in this mission.

The Next Democratic Senator From the State of CT

Ladies and Gentlemen, your Democratic nominee for Senate....Ned Lamont

Hi guys,
The blogger room has pretty much emptied out here -- everyone grabbed a beer and are going to the ballroom to celebrate. Mr. Kirby and I will celebrate here, watching on TV.

On the podium with Ned, Sharpton, Jackson, Maxine that we can see. None of the D office holders that were behind Lieberman made it here in time -- about 20 min..

Very interesting how this will play tomorrow.

Thank you, Mr. Kirby

Now that's it's just me and Mr. Kirby, I must admit the tears are rolling down my cheeks. I have the best husband ever. He has Lyme disease and has been here by my side since noon. He brought Jessie Jackson in here, he got a press pass to Maura so she could get in after she worked the polls all day....and he is pooped. Thank you, Mr. Kirby, I love you.

Now the Analysis Begins

OK, immediate issues here. That Lieberman speech just stunned everyone here -- people who are not ones to be surprised by the total classlessness of that campaign were amazed at how low he can continue to sink.

When will the Ds make those phone calls? Who is going to sit on him? We have serious concerns that he is not reachable at this point --- I can't wait to see how the Ds in Congress respond to this -- all the elected Ds here have vanished.

More from CT Bob in video. Our work here for the night is close to finished. Thanks to all who shared this with us tonight. There is no place else I would want to be than sharing this with all of you tonight.

And one for the road...

I guess now I am officially Kirby from CT Bob!

I, too am pooped, and am going home. I will post one or two more from there before I actually turn in. Our bandwidth here is dying. I am not one for the loud partying. My work is done for tonight. I want to go home and read what everyone else posted tonight!

CTBob is working on video posts -- he'll probably be blogging for about another hour.

It' We have changed the world tonight. Together. Forever.

CT Bob is back from the ballroom

With pictures and video to upload. Here's one to look at while I work on my video. Video should be up in about 20 minutes. This is Ned right after his acceptance speech.

Ned's speech

For those of you looking...CT Bob has most of Ned's speech -- but it should be up on C-SPAN sooner. We're not pulling all nighters, we can polish and post more tomorrow.

Two more pictures while I work on the video

Ned with Annie and Rep. Maxine Waters during his acceptance speech. The stage was crowded with Ned supporters, but I got a great angle for this shot.

Me, with my victory cigar. Man, this feels fucking GOOD!

Last post of the evening by CT Bob- some video joy

Before I sign off for the night at a victory party here in Meriden, I want to thank Kirby for doing an absolutely AMAZING job tonight! Kirby, you're a rock star! I love you forever!

Thanks also to Mr. Kirby for providing support and yoman duty, and for calling in reports from the floor.

And most of all, thank YOU folks, for driving us to excel at this wonderful and terrible thing we call a blog!

G'night folks!

The Party Goes On...

This will be our last post for tonight. I, Kirby am home, and we left CTBob to party the night away with the rest of BlogNation at the Lamont party. Before I left, though, I brought Maxine Waters from the ballroom to the blog room -- it was just terrific. The respect for us is amazing. We are the new precinct captains.

The gal second in command for media tonight was in the middle of the ballroom when Ned came off the podium, and her phone rang. "Hello, this is Senator Kennedy, and I would like to personally congratulate Ned!" She scrambled to get her phone to Ned right away.

No gloating, just deep felt satisfaction that A couple of days to let the dust settle and see how much pressure Lieberman gets to go away --- and take a couple of cleansing breaths.

The earthquake shook about 11:15pm Eastern time -- tsunami warnings are up for the AM.

Our bet is that all the Ds in office will be running to make Ned their new best friend -- with the excuse that they had to back the convention nominee, but they really loved Ned all along, and maybe he can immunize them on the war. Word on the street is -- is there a prominent D who would even be seen with Lieberman now? Too late for him to become R candidate, but if the Rs can kick their candidate, Schlesinger, they can cross-endorse Lieberman, and he would be on the line with a very popular incumbent R governor.

Here, as a coda on the day, is what the blog room looked like while Ned was on the podium times the 5 tables we worked at

It's nice to be signing off to go sleep the sleep of the just. It was a joy to bring tonight to you....kirby

I only WISH I could have partied the night away...

...but after finishing up my posting, and loading my gear into the car, I had time for one final victory lap, then a quick nightcap up in Branford Boy's suite, where many of the local CT bloggers were gathered (and he and his charming wife Sally had a big bottle of a very fine single malt scotch which nearly pursuaded me to stay much later), but I needed to get home before I completely ran out of steam.

3AM was sleep, safe at home; then up at 7:30, and now I'm about to go to work. I'll be offline for a few hours at least, so in the meantime, please watch this video (and reflect that we're well on the way to it becoming reality) and check out the other fine Connecticut blogs that are linked at the right. I don't think Ned would have had a chance last night if it wasn't for them!

The morning after...

Posted by Kirby noon Eastern

Well, it was morning when I finally opened my eyes this morning. Our own CT Bob did an amazing job -- we learned that teaming up is really the only way to do this -- he was able to go out and gather video and still shots while I held the fort down and typed and edited photos. I can't help but look at national media and read papers online and wonder "What election are they talking about?" This isn't the first time I have been in the middle of a story and then didn't recognize the story when told by others, but this is the most bizarre of all.

As we predicted, the Ds are falling in line behind the party nominee -- that would be Ned -- and it will just be a time to sit back and let those machinations work out themselves. Meanwhile, we can just sit back and listen to ourselves be characterized by the MSM while they try to figure out which way the power is shifting and how the pundits can get themselves in the middle of it. Be sure to check back later today -- Bob shot amazing video of Jessie Jackson and Maxine Waters in our blogger room -- they were incredibly moving and inspirational. And believe me, he has more tricks up his sleeve to share once he gets some sleep and does some paying work.

Fortunately, this is a new world -- a democracy, if you will -- in which people with access to computers and a desire to report from the ground can be on equal footing with the beautiful people lined up in front of their cameras with makeup you could scrape off with a putty knife who follow power. We follow ideas. We follow ideals. We follow people without hidden agendas. We follow those who want to serve their constituents. We follow people who care about their fellow man and supporting this amazing experiment called the United States and getting it back in line with the Constitution our framers brilliantly constructed so as to remain our guiding principle here, 200+ years later.

We are thousands of points of light, flickering in the darkness to those who have almost lost hope in how great America can be again. WE are the patriots.

Dog tired but happy

I just got home from work; did a lot of driving today. I'm also trying to catch up on my emails and the blogs, but I think it's gonna be a few days before I'm back up to speed on everything.

This was me savoring the victory in a rare moment of quiet; right after this, I probably quickly finished what I was working on and then scurried off somewhere to shoot more video. Boy, do I look tanned in this picture! I fully expect to tan even more over the next few weeks on my sailboat.

Last night was a sweet win. The entire day, from my first post around 7AM until my last sometime after midnight, was a tense, excited and hectic time. Being in the grand ballroom when Ned appeared for his acceptance speech was possibly one of the highlights of my entire life.

When Ned wrapped his speech with his trademark "...I'm Ned Lamont, and I approved this message," the entire crowd started chanting "So Do We! So Do We!" while pumping their fists in the air. It was amazing and very moving.

I do have one complaint, though; if I ever find the bastard who invented foil confetti, I would enjoy introducing him to my fist. Repeatedly. That shit gets all stuck in your skin, down your neck, in your ears; and it itches like hell. Why not PAPER confetti, you knucklehead? Jesus Christ, out of all the things in the world that can stand improvement, PAPER CONFETTI wasn't one of them! Cure cancer or something, genius.

Anyway, I wasn't going to let metallic shrapnel-laced confetti ruin my night, and I was proud to have the foresight to cover my can of Amstel Light with my hand when they began peppering the crowd with it, so I remained in a good mood. Filming Ned coming down off the platform, he shook my hand while I tried to videotape him; and you can't hear it, but I was yelling "Thank you for winning, Ned!" as he greeted me.

It was really great back in the blogger's War Room. We had the TV going and people were laughing and hooting at the replay of Lieberman's concession speech (which was really more of a "Fuck you, Democrats" speech, in my opinion) and simply relishing the victory in great company. I've never seen more smiles at one time in my life.

Maxine's visit was awesome, and it really makes us proud to know that the politicians are starting to recognize that we ARE making a difference and contributing to the efforts.

There were a certain amount of MSM people wandering around the war room during the evening. Eventually they started getting annoying, and as a reporter sat next to me while I was frantically editing a video, he kept asking me questions and breaking my concentration. Finally I stopped what I was doing and said, "Look, we're journalists here too. How would you guys over in your media room feel about being asked questions while you're scribbling in your little notepads and typing in your computers?"

He was quiet for a moment and then said, "Good point," and got up and left. A little later we ushered all the media out of the room and had a brief closed-door discussion about whether or not to allow the media access. Several people at first were in favor of letting them stay, but I spoke up and said that their endless questions were a distraction and that we're here to do what we do, not be a part of some reporter's story. Then Tim spoke about how the MSM has almost never made us look good in a story anyway, and by then most of the people began voicing agreement about keeping them out unless we absolutely didn't mind.

Much later, after the results were official, they pretty much had complete run of the place. Most of us had slowed down on the heavy work (not Kirby though...) and were free to chat with the reporters. Editing that final video of the night was a little bittersweet for me, because it signaled the end of what had been the absolute best day of blogging I could ever have imagined! We pulled something like 50,000 hits during the course of the day, which for a little blog like this is absolutely amazing.

All the work and all the worry paid off in the end, and we had fun doing it. Again, I can't properly express how awesome Kirby and her hubby Bob were during the course of the events, and you'll be seeing a lot of Kirby posting on "Connecticut Bob" in the future.

After I packed up and loaded up the car, I went back in and started wrapping up with people. As I mentioned, we gathered briefly in Branford Boy's suite for a quick nip o' fine single malt, and then I was on my way back down the elevator.

I exited the lift, poked my head one more time into the war room, said good-bye to anyone I recognized in there and quite a few people I didn't, grabbed a slice of pizza that was just delivered (how do you get great pizza delivered at 2AM?) and walked out of the room.

Halfway down the hall I had a thought, turned around and went back to the war room, and grabbed the Bloggers Media Room sign for a souvenier. A Lamont staffer saw me, then turned to the door of the Regular Media Room and snatched THAT sign! We grinned at each other and walked away.

The list of local bloggers to whom I owe a debt of gratitude is huge and endless, so forgive me if your name isn't on here. I'm tired and want to get this posted before the 7PM Blogger outage:

CT Blogger, Spazeboy, Branford Boy, DeanFan84, T.Party, CTKeith, Jon K, Maura, Scarce (we're going to find you someday!), Neal F, JoeMentum, Dad (KISS float), and a bunch of others I'm too brain-dead to list right now. Of course, Jane Hamsher of Fire Dog Lake was one of my inspirations for getting into political blogging in the first place, and rest assured, I will never forgive her for it!

Everyone else, please don't hate me...I'm so tired I'm seeing double right now; I really appreciate all the work you've done (that I steal regularly).

...and of course, once again, Kirby!

Tonight I have to make one last trip, back to Sullivan's to say farewell to anyone who's leaving CT, and also to drop off my mini-documentary tape with the BBC guys. I'm sure I'll be enormously embarrassed by the documentary they're going to put together and release some time in December, but I'll deal with it then. They have a lot of jokes that I made about them to get even for.

For now, for me tonight, this is gonna feel sort of like the circus is leaving town.

But don't worry, "The Show" will be back before we know it. Bigger and better!

Oh, sir....

This one's for you, CT Bob.....kirby

CT Bob UPDATE: I just went and counted how many posts we had between 7AM and 1AM on Primary Day...the fabulous Kirby along with the redoubtable Connecticut Bob put up a total of 73 freakin' posts! Wow, I knew Kirby was blogging like a maniac, but DAAAYAAAMMMM! 4 videos, and I didn't count the pictures, but you can assume it's a LOT of 'em, buster!

Post-primary analysis at Sullivan's

Otherwise known as "Blogger Central" for most of the last 5 days, Sullivan's on Chapel St (near Park St) in New Haven is a cozy pub; with good food, drink, and sidewalk tables which allows you to enjoy the fine weather and some people watching.

But tonight, all eyes were looking forward, at the run for the Senate culminating in November. That is, the eyes that weren't already half-closed due to sleep deprivation and the effects of celebrating the phenomenal victory last night.

A tired but happy crew. (L to R) Will from the BBC who's shooting a documentary about the campaign and has become our friend (along with James the other BBC documentarian who was absent and probably drinking heavily if you ask me), Tim Tagaris (the birthday boy, who just turned 21 years young today!), and DeanFan84 and CT Keith (my two most favorite insurgants).

Jane (in a rather fetching frock) with me, and I dare you to tell me who you think is more tired. C'mon, I dare ya! C'mon....

...and the answer is, of course, that we're BOTH exhausted. It's a trick question. LOL.

OK, time to sleep. Colbert finally finished his Lieberman teasing. G'night.